Ondřej Ruml a Matěj Benko Quintet

With pianist Matej Benko and trumpeter Míra Hloucala, we arranged for the songs of Ježek, Voskovec and Werich. The album was very well received by the critics and the public and was also awarded the Golden Plate. Apart from the two mentioned musicians, I must not forget to mention Bady Zboril on the drums, Rasťo Uhrík on the double bass and Radka Zapadlo na saxofon. The board was also hosted by Zdeněk Svěrák and Ondřej Brzobohatý with Jirka Macháčka.

Ondřej Ruml Solo

I'm playing with a so-called box - the microphone is connected to the effect called the looper and thus I create the music and the whole song only by my voice. He calls it One Man Show and I will not deny that Bobby McFerrin is a great inspiration to me.

Leonard Bernstein: MASS

A unique project of the glory of world music. The mass written by Leonard Bernstein and where I'm lucky to sing in a choir called Street Chorus alongside great singers. Celebrity's lead role is Vojta Dyk.

Michal Horáček – Na cestě 2016

I have been on the road with Michal Horáček since 2009, when he approached me to play Martin in his lyrical Kudykam directed by Dodo Gombar. Then I performed in the Czech Calendar show, from which it later came the whole abum, which was awarded the Anděl as the best selling album of the year. It has been a wonderful collaboration that lasts in various forms.

Rusalka nejen podle Dvořáka aneb Kdo je stará Háta – studio Ypsilon

In this bag I host in the role of Hajny, who shoots the rope from the bass crossbow. Jirka Lábus plays Prince and Martin Dejdar Vodník. You just have to see it.

Johanka z Arku – divadlo Kalich

The beautiful musical of Ondrej Soukup and Gabina Osvaldová, where I play one of the main roles of Raimond.


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